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NEWSLETTER September 2021

Summer is around the corner!!!

I am sure that everyone is just in the mood to shout this out as loud as possible. Hot
weather, few rainy days, bikini time, holidays!!!
Along with this happy feeling. The Diet Clinic is proud to announce something new and
exciting. Something new has been added to our website. A Recipe of the Month page!!
Every month I will be adding a special recipe. Low calorie, feel good, food recipe.
Something not just easy to make, but tasty as well.
And please, feel free to contact me if you have a recipe and you are not sure if the
calorie count is in line with our requirements. I will be more than happy to assist. And,
if you have a special low-calorie recipe that you would like to be shown on our Recipe of
the Month page, feel free to send it to me.
I am looking forward to reading, and testing, all the amazing recipes. Let us make this a
summer to remember. A feel-good, tasty, recipe testing Summer. A Summer where we
can eat healthily and have fun doing it together.

Melissa Johnson

The Diet Clinic