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I Have Been A Passionate dietician.

People often love to know more about the journey of how to loose weight.

Are your food choices making you tired?
You should feel energised after a meal, not hungry for sweets.
We at The Diet Clinic assist people with losing weight the healthy way. You will have a support system throughout your Lifestyle Changing  journey. Helping you think before you binge.
Helping you feel proud of every step you have taken towards your goal.
By making use of our homeopathic products and healthy food choices, you will not only change your lifestyle, but you will keep the weight off.

Shelly Brown

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I use medication for high blood pressure. May I use your products?

Yes. You can use our product even if you have high blood pressure, and take medication for that. Please just let your doctor monitor you while you are on your weight loss journey with us. When you lose weight, your blood pressure will come down. You might need to use a lower dosage of your medication

Eating the foods stipulated on your meal plan. Do I have to eat just salad and feel hungry all the time?

No, you won’t just eat salad and feel hungry. It is a sugar free, low kilojoule meal plan. We also use good carbohydrates. High fiber pasta, high fiber bread, brown rice. And by using our appetite suppressant capsules, you won’t feel hungry and you won’t have those bad sugar cravings either.

Do I have to exercise while I am on your diet plan?

No, you don’t need to exercise. But if you want to start exercising, please just do cardio. By doing weight training, you will lose slower and weigh more. Weight training builds muscle mass.

Will you assist us after we have lost our weight to help us keep it off?

Yes. We offer a maintenance program once you have reached your goal weight.

Is the medication safe? Does it have any side effects?

Our products are perfectly safe. It is all natural homeopathic products. Being on the market for 16 years already